Eritrea 2008
EEC - Eritrean Electric Corporation
Rehabilitation and maintenance works of diesel power plants (total capacity: 116 MWel):
  • Hirgigo (88 MWel)
  • Beleza (17 MWel)
  • Assab (4 MWel)
  • other power plants (7 MWel )
Consultancy services for technical assessment of engines, generators and all plant accessories, assessment of EEC's operation/maintenance practices being followed and recommendations for their improvement including the training needs of EEC personnel, preparation of an Initial Environment Examination and Environment Monitoring Plan for the diesel power plants, suggestions for an optimum procurement method, evaluation of the estimated benefits of the rehabilitation works, providing cost estimates
Eritrea 1998
Lahmeyer International, Frankfurt/M., Germany
Hirgigo diesel power plant based on 2-stroke low speed engines, total capacity: 88 MWel (4 x 22 MWel), Massawa Approval of detailed design documents concerning mechanical works