Turkey 2000 Projektblatt in HTML: PDF:
BÌRKO A.Ş., Niğde, Turkey
Co-generation diesel power plant (2 x 5.5 MWel) Operation of the entire plant, selection and training of the staff, establishing of a reliable maintenance organisation, spare parts stocking
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MAN B&W Diesel AG, Augsburg, Germany
Co-generation diesel power plant (2 x 5.5 MWel) BIRKO, Niğde, Turkey Erection / installation of entire mechanical and electrical equipment/plant including diesel gen-sets with waste heat recovery boiler system, erection / installation of all piping systems including insulation and pipe supports, supply of cables, electrical installation material, DO and HFO storage tanks, pipe supports as well as mechanical installation material
Turkey 1999 - 2000
HADIMKÖY Enerji A.Ş., Istanbul, Turkey
60 MWel Natural gas fired co-generation power plant Development of the project, preparation of the feasibility study including technical and financial aspects, preparation of specifications and bid documents, evaluation of bids, contract negotiations
Turkey 1999
YAPISAL LTD., Istanbul, Turkey
5 MWel landfill gas fired power station with 5 x 1 MWel gas engine sets Development of technical concept considering local supply and services including delivery of entire electrical equipment and civil works
Turkey 1999
Local Authorities in Izmit and Sakarya
Earthquake aid for Turkey Supply of containers for accomodation and sanitary purposes
Turkey 1998 Projektblatt in HTML: PDF:
Consortium AKFEN-PAR, Ankara, Turkey
Combined cycle power plant Iğdır, 500 MWel Feasibility study for natural gas fired combined cycle IPP power plant