United Arab Emirates 2010 - 2015
Expansion of 33 kV Network in Al Ain Region
Republic of Maldives 2009 - 2012
Fourth Power Development Project
Eritrea 2008
Consultancy services for rehabilitation and maintenance works of diesel power plants (total capacity: 116 MWel)
United Arab Emirates 2007 - 2014
Reinforcement of electricity network
United Arab Emirates 2008 - 2011
Relocation of Package Units
Sudan 2006 - 2008
Operation and maintenance of a 54MWel power plant in Thar Jath (Sudan)
United Arab Emirates 2006 - 2012
Upgrade of power plant and network at H.H. Sheikh Khalifa Palace in Abu Dhabi
Republic of Maldives 2004 - 2007
Power plant development project
Republic of Maldives 2004 - 2005
Investigation on power failure at DGU 6 & 7 (each 6,5 MWel)
Republic of Maldives 2004 - 2005
Preparation of a development Master Plan
Republic of Maldives 2004
Investigation on the current state of the concrete damage
Republic of Maldives 2004
Soil investigations concerning contamination at the old power house in Maleé
Republic of Maldives 2004 - 2005
Upgrade of the fuel storage island FUNADHOO
Republic of Maldives 2003 - 2004
Installation of 1 MWel solar panel modules
Republic of Maldives 2003 - 2005
Conversion of gen-sets
Republic of Maldives 2003
Feasibility study on conversion of gen-sets
Republic of Maldives 2003 - 2005
Environmental Impact Assessment
Republic of Maldives 2002
Feasibility study for the conversion of Malé
Iraq 2002 - 2003
Electricity Network Rehabilitation Programme
Iraq 2000 - 2001
Electricity Network Rehabilitation Programme
India 2000 - 2001
Construction management activities and supervision at site.
Turkey 2000
Operation of the co-generation diesel power plant (2 x 5.5 MWel)
Dominican Republic 2000
Site management, progress monitoring, claim management, budget anagement, co-ordination with client
Iraq 2000
Electricity Network Rehabilitation Programme
Mali 2000
Project development and management for the Diesel power plant Bamako
Turkey 1999 - 2000
Installation of entire mechanical and electrical equipment
Turkey 1999 - 2000
Project development for a 60 MWel Natural gas fired co-generation power plant
Turkey 1999
Development of a technical concept for the 5 MWel landfill gas fired power station
Turkey 1999
Earthquake aid for Turkey
Indonesia 1999
Site supervision and management for the Diesel power plant project D5 in Indonesia
Indonesia 1998
Construction of diesel power plants
Turkey 1998
Feasibility study for a combined cycle power plant Iğdır
Chad 1998
Preparation of asset evaluation of STEE diesel power plants
Guinea Bisseau 1998
Fact-finding mission, preparation of as built drawings and specification for rehabilitation and extension of the diesel power plant
Eritrea 1998
Approval of detailed design for the Hirgigo diesel power plant
Chad 1998
Elaboration of a power generation extension concept
Republic of Maldives 1999
Second Tourism Master Plan